Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Services

Needless to say – security of your business website always takes first precedence! Moreover, sound website security is also important to make your potential customers trust your business website and its offerings.

That’s why you should think of procuring a SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to help support, encrypt and boost your customer trust. It also helps to gain a very distinct uplift in SEO as Google is now considering it as a ranking signal.

Taking into account how competitive the digital market has gotten in recent years; almost every business runner is needed to own a secure encrypted connection for them  and their customers to feel safe.

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Needless to say, search engines tend to continually change their ranking factors(Often 1000+ times a year with more than 200+ ranking factors). And to someone without its technical know-how; the whole thing can appear to be a real mystery.

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We have all the necessary tools along with one relatively easy to use control panel for you and your customers to use. World Social Media Design is one of the best SSL Certificate Providers in Dundalk, Dublin. Our team will help you perform all relate configurations under a minute (give or take), move ahead with the domain validation process effortlessly and even make amendments whenever necessary.

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We Offer You The Following SSL Certifications

Single-Domain Security
For fast, easy, and cheap individuals, businesses, sole traders, and private customers
Business-Domain Security
For any business, small or big to give your site visitors the degree of trust they want
Wildcard Validation
For unlimited sub-domains and to removes the need to make multiple purchases
Multi-Domain Validation
For large-scale users with high demands also referred to as (SAN) - Subject Alternative Name SSL Certificates or (UCC) - Unified Communication Certificates

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